1103, 2020

Coldest Night of the Year 2020 – THANK YOU!

March 2020|Events, News|

On February 22, 2020 Moncton was one of 144 Canadian cities that participated in the Coldest Night of the Year and placed sixth in the country raising more than $110,000. 

This is the 7th year Youth Impact Jeunesse has been hosting the event, raising money for youth struggling with issues of homelessness.

A big thank you to the 354 walkers, 88 volunteers, 24 sponsors including our lead sponsors Ermen Plumbing and Heating and Rotary Club of Moncton West and Riverview, and over 1,018 donors.

The funds raised goes directly to support solutions in young lives at Youth QUEST Central and Transitional Housing Program.

The Board of Directors, staff and youth thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to make a positive difference in the lives of youth in our community.

907, 2019

Breathe Yoga Fest – July 2019

July 2019|Events|

Thank you to Breath Yoga Fest for supporting Youth Impact Jeunesse again this year. For more information, please visit

Yoga Fest
2602, 2019

Coldest Night Of The Year

February 2019|Events|

Coldest Night of the Year – February 26, 2019.  Thank you for supporting Coldest Night of the Year 2019.  It was another huge success.  Together, the Greater Moncton community raised an astonishing $125,282.  Over 45 teams, 362 Walkers, 84 volunteers and 1393 donors contributed to the success of this year.  Funds support Youth QUEST Central and Transitional Housing.

909, 2018

Ride for Refuge 2018

September 2018|Events|

Ride for Refuge – September 29, 2018.  Thank you for supporting Moncton’s Ride for Refuge 2018.  We are pleased to announce that a total of $25,664 was raised to support Youth Impact Jeunesse.

2402, 2018

Coldest Night of the Year 2018

February 2018|Events|

Coldest Night of the Year – February 24, 2018.  Coldest Night of the Year was another success with the help of hundred of people in Moncton.  $111,506 was raised for Youth Impact Jeunesse which will go to support Youth QUEST Central and Transitional Housing.  Over 45 teams, 372 Walkers, 79 volunteers and 1205 donors made this possible.  Thank you

2909, 2017

Ride for Refuge 2017

September 2017|Archived, Events|

Join us September 29, 2018 in the Ride for Refuge, a fantastically fun, family-friendly cycling or walking fundraiser supporting charities serving the displaced, vulnerable, and exploited.

2502, 2017

Coldest Night of the Year

February 2017|Archived, Events|

Coldest Night of the Year –  February 25, 2017. THANK YOU to all those who participated in Coldest Night of the Year 2017. We are pleased to report that over $74,000 was raised in Moncton! Check out the pictures HERE.

3010, 2016

Ride for Refuge

October 2016|Archived, Events|

Ride for Refuge –

September 30, 2017, THANK YOU for supporting the Ride for Refuge! We were able to raise 98% of our goal with $24,614 total amount raised. This success is all because of you unbounded support and enthusiasm for the work that we do! You can check out our pictures from the event HERE.