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Leaders in At-Risk Youth Care

At Youth Impact Jeunesse, we believe in helping ensure that every youth has at least one trusting and caring relationship in their life. This support and guidance helps youth reduce risk factors, strengthen their resilience, and move toward their full potential.
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Mission, Vision, & Mandate

Our Mission

Youth Impact Jeunesse Inc. helps young people succeed by providing support and new opportunities.

Our Vision

The Maritimes’ leading organization in growing successful people.

The purpose of Youth Impact Jeunesse Inc. is to provide quality care and guidance to children and youth between ten and twenty-four years of age, with social, emotional, and behavioural challenges.

The goal is to help youth and their families reduce or eliminate the conditions that have acted as obstacles to their success.

 Services are offered within an integrated multi-component continuum of care which ranges from preventative community services, in-home family support, highly structured residential treatment programs, to less structured transitional housing.

Our History

Youth Impact Jeunesse was established in 1985 as a charitable organization when the provincial government asked Moncton Boys and Girls Club Inc. to assume control and direction of a parent model group home that was disbanding. Out of that initial purpose emerged a new autonomous agency: Youth Impact Jeunesse.

Since its inception, Youth Impact Jeunesse has experienced considerable growth and diversification in order to effectively respond to community needs. Our goal is to inspire youth to move forward to a successful life by investing skills, time, and energy into their transition, and empowering them to make effective choices that give them enhanced control over their futures.

Changing with the Times

Our Team

Senior Directors
Board Of Directors

Senior Directors

Mel Kennah

Executive Director
(506) 869-6340

Charline Melanson

Associate Director
(Residential Programs)
(506) 869-6835

Mary Reid

Associate Director
(506) 869-6231

Neil Young

Associate Director
(Outreach Programs, HR)
(506) 869-6342

Tracy Cormier

Associate Director
(Youth QUEST, Development Office)
(506) 869-6294

Barb Ferguson

Associate Director
(Special Projects)
(506) 856-2441

Board of Directors: 2018 – 2019

Back Row (L-R): David Niles, President; Mario Allain; James Dixon, Treasurer/Secretary; Peter Stevens; Bruno Caron; Superintendent Tom Critchlow, Vice President

Front Row (L-R): Nicole Angers, Past President; Sandra Stairs; Michelle Duffie; Kathy LeBlanc; Lucie Côté


Back Row (L-R): Chloe Mungall, Monique Couture-Belliveau, Mary Reid, Tracy Lapointe, Samantha Hamilton, Mel Kennah, Lanaya Nice, Catherine Small, Sara Jean Berry, Barb Ferguson

Front Row (L-R): Helen Groslouis, Stacey Rozee, Richelle Smith, Neil Young, Nick Dean, Amanda Fielding, Charline Melanson, Connie Mowbray
Absent: Tracy Cormier