Who We Are
Our History

In 1985, the provincial government asked Moncton Boys/Girls Club Inc. to assume control and direction of a parent model group home that was disbanding. Out of that initial impulse, emerged a new autonomous agency, Youth Impact

Changing with the Times

1985 Youth Impact Jeunesse (formally Moncton Youth Residences) founded to take over Peer One, and opens its first group home on Drummond Street.
Group home on Sherrard Avenue opens and later moves to Snow Avenue.
1985 50 Myers Street Group Home opens and establishes the first safety net for crisis situations
1987 Anne Street Group Home opens
1988 Enman Street Group Home opens
1995 Pierre Caissie Centre opens
1995 Family Preservation Outreach Program begins
1997 Intensive Support Outreach Program in Greater Moncton area
1998 Provincial Place of Safety opens
1999 Job Readiness community program launches (replaced by Youth Works in 2006)
1999 CASP program for at-risk youth begins (now Youth Impact Learning Centre)
2000 Strong Families Strong Children Outreach program begins
2000 Snow Avenue Independent Living Group Home opens
2002 Transitional Housing Program opens
2003 Champlain Street Group Home opened (later expanded and relocated to Chesed Boulevard)
2003 Drop-In Centre purchased and Capital Campaign begins for Youth QUEST Central
2003 Strong Families Strong Children outreach program ends in October
2004 Greenhill Group Home opened in January (later expanded and relocated to Chestnut Crescent)
2004 QUEST Case Management Outreach program begins
2004 Westhaven Place Road Group Home opens
2005 Capital Campaign completed and Youth QUEST Central's Grand Opening held October 31
All outreach programs move to Youth QUEST Central - St. George Street
2008 Provincial Place of Safety closes as Government of New Brunswick decides that each region was to develop its own resources
2008 Cumberland Road Group Home opens in Sussex, becoming Youth Impact's first group home outside of Greater Moncton
2009 52 Myers Street changes mandate from a place of safety to a long term group home
2009 Vincent Road Treatment Centre opens in  Quispamsis
Transitional Housing moves to new location with expanded capacity
The Youth Impact Learning Centre expands by hiring a part time staff to offer an on-line course to youth at Youth QUEST Central
50 Myers Street is converted from a crisis unit to a 60-day Stabilization Unit
Chestnut Crescent Group Home closes
Priestman Street Treatment Centre opens in Fredericton
Chesed Group Home closes
Family Preservation and Diversion closes
Lancaster House opens in Saint John
Westhaven Residential Program closes
2012      Dufferin Residential Program opens in Saint John
2013       Work Your Pace Program opens in Moncton
2013       Drug Intervention Program opens in Moncton
2014       Enman Open Custody Program closes
Changed name to Youth Impact Jeunesse Inc. and refreshed the mission statement

“Youth Impact staff have been awesome with our daughter throughout the past 14 months. She is a very complex child with deeply rooted issues and I know the staff did their very best to try to support her throughout the time she was with them.”