Ways to Give
Wish List

Youth Impact appreciates all items donated that will help our youth feel comfortable, healthy and nurtured.  We send our sincere thanks for community-minded businesses, organizations and individuals who have taken the time to share what they have, with the young people we serve.

Due to both CRA and the privacy act, Youth Impact is required to collect certain information for all financial and in-kind donations.  If you are a fist time donor, you can fill in this form and bring it with you or simple fill it out on-site.  If you wish to remain anonymous or do not want to be publicly recognized , do not fill in your name - just the date and items you are donating.


Food Items

Youth who come to the Youth QUEST Central drop-in have access to the kitchen and its cupboards for making their own food.  Two meals per week are also provided to the youth free of charge.  Therefore, we are always appreciative of both non-perishable food items and fresh food.  This can include canned soups and pastas, boxed meals (KD or Hamburger Helper), vegetables, breads, fruits, dairy, nuts, and snacks.

Gently Used or New Clothing and Accessories
Youth Impact wants to ensure that each youth is well-equipped to deal with the outside elements.  In addition, we want them to have appropriate clothing for job interviews and their employment.  You can help with donations such as coats, snow pants, boots/shoes/sneakers, jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, bathing suits, shorts, khakis, light jackets, suits, and dress shirts/blouses are always appreciated.

Personal Care Products
Deodorant, razors, feminine hygiene products, travel size packets of soap/shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, sunscreen, moisturizer, provide youth with much needed supplies and contribute to overall health and self-esteem.  Since Youth QUEST Central provided free laundry and shower facilities, we are often in need of new or gently used towels and laundry detergent.

New Socks and Undergarments
Youth often rely on your donations to provide them with underclothes, helping to keep them comfortable throughout the year.  Thermal underwear is helpful in the winter months.  Socks are the number one requested item in the drop in centre.

Gift Cards
Gift Cards are a big favorite for our youth, allowing them the independence of choosing what they need and when.  Examples include coffee shops, grocery stores, department stores, fast food restaurants, and movie theatres.  These gift cards are also used by staff when planning youth outings or meal preparations for youth (such as Thanksgiving dinner).

Household/Baby Items
Towels, facecloths, dish cloths, can openers, dishes, pots and pans, and blankets are always put to great use.  There is an on-going need for baby items as many youth are young moms and dads.
**Due to a limited storage space, please call ahead or check the Urgent Needed List on the right, to see if your household or baby items are needed by the youth.

Bus Tickets/Passes
Many youth do not have extra funds to ensure they get to their destinations safely.  Bus tickets and local Codiac Transit passes provide them with a safe and comfortable way to get to their destinations and assist staff in planning major outings for the youth who require transportation.

Items Can Be Dropped Off At:
Youth QUEST Central
199 St. George Street, Moncton, New Brunswick
Click here for hours of operation

**Urgently Needed Items**

Men’s Underwear (New:Medium and Large)
Dishwasher Tabs
Dish Soap
All Purpose Cleaner
Dettol (Antiseptic Cleaner)
Garbage bags (Blue & Clear = Medium and Green = Small)
Juice Boxes
Juice and Pop cans
Fresh Produce
Powdered Milk
Ground Coffee
Coffee whitener 
Coffee Filters (standard size)
Canned Meats
Disinfecting Wipes
Paper Towels