Success Stories
Success Stories

At Youth Impact success comes in many different forms and may not be visible to all. It is the youth who finally starts to say please when asking for something, the girl who smiles instead of frowns when you give her a compliment, the student who finally passes a math test, the son who gets the courage to call home. It is the recovering drug addict who graduates from high school, the prostitute who finds a another income source by getting a job at a grocery store, a homeless youth who finds a place to live, a high school drop out that enrols in the Youth Impact Learning Centre, the manic depressive girl who starts college. All milestones, both big and small are celebrated.

Youth Impact made me a stronger person and gave me tools in my life that I carry through to this day.  I went from being in jail and a daily drug user to someone who has help a full-time sales job for the past seven years.  The staff a Youth Impact cared about me and my future and to this day I still have contact with some of them.  They taught me that you don't choose the cards you get; you choose how to play them.

*Dave T.
(former group home resident)

By the time I was 12, I was drinking and using drugs regularly.  At age 13 and 14, I would leave home for days at a time as things on the home front were not too good.  By the age of 16, I had left home three times; I was getting high everyday and eventually got hooked up with cocaine.

Thanks to all those of you who believed in youth like me.  You are helping us find our way, realize our goals and achieve our dreams.

(former Transitional Housing youth)

No Reason

I had no reason to live,
but now I do.
I had nothing to say,
but now I do.
I had no one to love me,
but now I do.
I had no one to care for me,
but now I do.
I felt unloved,
but now I feel love.
I have a reason to live,
because I have people
to love me and care for me.
Now, I have something to say
Thank you Youth Impact Staff!