Need Help
How Youth Impact Can Help

Youth Impact has a broad range of programs and services to help young people in need.  Some things we can help you with include:
  • Get help finding a job
  • Improve your education
  • Provide you with gently used clothing and footwear
  • Make your own meals or on certain days enjoy a meal with your peers
  • Take a shower and clean your clothes
  • Find a safe place to live
  • Get counselling and support
  • Apply for income assistance
  • Increase your employment skills
  • Support group for mental well being
  • Connect you with other community resources
  • Support you if you are a parent (whether you have custody of your children or not)
  • Give you a chance to get involved in your community and express yourself
  • Give you independent living skills
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I Thought
(Dedicated to Youth Impact Staff)

I thought my life would never be happy,
But I guess I was wrong because of you.
You helped me when I was in trouble.
You held my hand when I was sad.
You hugged me when I needed someone to talk to.
You listened to what I had to say.
And I want to say thanks.