Ways to Give
Why Donate

"We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give." -Winston Churchill

Donors certainly sustain the life of organizations they give to, and at Youth Impact that means changing the lives of at-risk and vulnerable youth in New Brunswick. Every dollar is a good dollar and Youth Impact appreciates all efforts to support our work with youth. All Residential and some outreach programs are fully funded through the provincial government, however some programs such as Youth QUEST Central and Transitional Housing fall outside the government mandate and require dedicated fundraising efforts to sustain their operation. Each year Youth Impact must raise $400,000 for its Annual Campaign.

Impact on Lives
A timely intervention can transform the prospects of a youth, even those who appear to be least likely to succeed. By taking personal responsibility, making good choices, and receiving strategic assistance — information, coaching, group support, and guidance — youth can change direction and begin their personal quests for a different future.

Community Benefits
In recent years Moncton has been experiencing unparalleled growth. With this growth and influx of newcomers come increased social problems, but also the opportunity to be proactive. Youth Impact believes that New Brunswick needs a healthy, well-adjusted youth population to ensure its future and Youth Impact programs are designed to meet the current challenges posed in our communities. Our economy depends on having a strong work force with excellent work ethics. Our social fabric is made stronger by reducing violence and increasing the emphasis on family values.

Your Support Helps Youth Impact Move Youth!


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