Who We Are
Leaders in At-Risk Youth Care

Youth Impact believes that a youth with at least one trusting and caring relationship in their life is a youth with a future. With support and guidance, Youth Impact helps youth reduce risk factors, unleash this resilience, and move toward their full potential.
Youth Impact has a well-established record and reputation both for its own initiatives and as a significant resource for others. Social service professionals, counsellors, and others from across the province now turn to Youth Impact for resources, insight, consultation, and training for their front line workers and administrative requirements. Greater Moncton and south-eastern New Brunswick also consider Youth Impact as the leading authority on needs and support for youth-at-risk in the province.
As expectations for Youth Impact continue to rise, so does its capacity for effective leadership, outreach, and service delivery. That is because Youth Impact recognizes the value of all youth regardless of their circumstances.

"Working with such dedicated people trying to reach a common goal inspired me to learn more about at-risk youth and how to help them."

Richard Wilson, Volunteer